Pet Care Services

Pets and Peeps will schedule a complimentary visit to discuss your pet and “people” needs. Often clients require a customized service quote based on their unique situation, location and number of services required.

Below are a few examples of our service offerings and pricing (confirmation of pricing will occur after the complimentary visit and evaluation).

Please contact us for your personalized quote at or call us at 404-316-5350. Pets and Peeps wants to help.

We are offering a Covid-19 discount to our front line healthcare workers. We appreciate what you are doing for the public during this difficult time.

Some of our service details are below:

  • In-home visits for dogs: -Includes potty breaks, dog walking, jogging, playtime, feeding, and meds (if needed).
  • In-home visits for cats: Includes kitty litter change, playtime, feeding, and meds if needed.
  • Overnight and daycare at Pets and Peeps: Includes two guaranteed 30-minute dog walks, play, feeding, meds (if needed). Dogs are never left more than 4- 4.5 hours alone, less if the dog is crated.
  • Overnight care in the client’s home: We move in to be there with your pets throughout the day, (never leaving them more than 4-4.5 hours; then it’s just a regular evening of having dinner, (pets included), a little TV, last walk for the night then time for bed. We also take incredible care of your home by bringing in your mail and deliveries, watering plants and always leaving your home in the same state as when you left (or better!).

In addition, Pets and Peeps offers shopping for pet food, meds, etc. transportation for vet or groomer visits as well as pick up and delivery for boarding.(price available in our customized plan).