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Our Pet Care Services

Pets and Peeps will schedule a complimentary visit to discuss your pet and “people” needs. Often, clients require a customized service quote based on their unique situation, location, and number of services required.

In-Home Visits for Dogs

You will receive a prompt text message upon arrival and a follow-up text with photos at the end of each visit.  Our in-home dog visits include: potty breaks, dog walking, freshening water, feeding, dispensing medication if needed, and removal of pet waste. Have a new puppy? Let’s create a schedule that will support their training and take the pressure off of you! Visits always include plenty of cuddles, snuggles, and belly rubs! Contact us to request a quote today!

In-Home Visits for Cats

Each visit includes a prompt text message upon arrival and follow up text with photos at the end of your visit. Our in-home visits for cats include: kitty litter cleaning (change out kitty litter upon request), playtime, feeding, and dispensing medication if needed. Visits always include plenty of lap time, grooming, scratching and clawing (on the scratch board of course!). Overnight cat sitting is available upon request. Contact us to request a quote today!

Daycare at Pets and Peeps

For each daycare stay, our clients receive prompt text messages and photos after arrival and throughout the stay with Pets and Peeps. Our “family style” daycare Includes: potty breaks, dispensing medication if needed, two thirty minute daily walks per day, and playtime with new (and old) friends. You can count on us for giving tons of cuddles, snuggles, and belly rubs! Contact us to request a quote today!

Overnight and Daycare in the Client’s Home

Your sitter will move in to your home three hours after you have departed and move out three hours before your return. Daycare is usually the last day of the overnight when you expect to arrive home late that evening. Overnights and daycare include: two thirty minutes walks, playtime, feeding, and dispensing medication if needed. We’re always giving tons of cuddles, snuggles, and belly rubs! Additionally, we take great care of your home by bringing in the mail and deliveries, watering plants, and taking out the trash. Contact us to request a quote today!

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Dog Walking

We offer thirty, forty-five, and sixty-minute walks. We also offer customized plans should your pet require special attention and care. Ask us about our packaged pricing for walks. Contact us to request a quote today!

Additional Services

In addition, Pets and Peeps offers shopping for pet food, meds, etc.; transportation for vet or groomer visits; as well as pick up and delivery for boarding (pricing available in our customized plans).


Running makes dogs happy. It allows them to explore the world through sights, sounds, and smells. They get to spend more time doing something fun. It allows them to release energy, making it less likely that they will vent their energy in destructive ways; however, there are certain breeds that are better-suited for running. Take a look at Outside magazine’s recommendations.

NOTE: Not all breeds are runners. Please check with your vet and make sure your dog’s breed and health are suitable for distance running.

Overnight and daycare at Pets and Peeps

Includes two guaranteed 30-minute dog walks, play, feeding, meds (if needed). Dogs are never left more than 4- 4.5 hours alone, less if the dog is crated.

In-home visits for cats

Includes kitty litter change, playtime, feeding, and meds if needed.

In-home visits for dogs

Includes potty breaks, dog walking, jogging, playtime, feeding, and meds (if needed).