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About Pets and Peeps

Who we are

I have always felt supported in all my endeavors by my friends and family, but when I opened Pets and Peeps, I couldn’t believe how many people stepped up to contribute to the company.  My friends, who are considered “family”, raised their hands to become pet sitters, walkers, office managers, consultants and spokesperson for our company. They have been with me every step of the way. I look to them to give me honest feedback about how we run the business and how to improve it. Many of my friends started out as clients, we took care of their cats and dogs and they loved the experience, this is the best confirmation that we are doing something right.

Most of us at Pets and Peeps have always been animal lovers. We were the kind of kids who were bringing home “orphans” who needed a family; cats, dogs, mice, birds, squirrels you name it. We loved them all, but as kids we clearly did not understand the amount of time and care each little being required. The love for animals is still with us today as adults and we do understand what it takes to keep our pets happy, healthy and safe. It’s the foundation we created for Pets and Peeps.

About us and Why US?

We are a woman owned, local business founded in 2016. We strive to provide a warm, loving experience for you with every engagement. We want you to feel confident knowing that we will provide the best care for your pets in a healthy, safe atmosphere where they can thrive. And you can leave feeling guilt free! We also make it easy to do business with us. We provide an online registration system for requesting services, and a client/pet profile with your important information on how to take the best care of your pet. An on line billing system with multiple payment options, access to visit reports and photos of each pet visit. Most important, you have direct communication with your sitter as well as the owner of the company via text, email or cel  

How we started and who is Karen?

I launched Pets and Peeps Personal Assistance Services in 2016 after a successful, decades-long career in corporate sales and marketing as well as worked in the non-profit sector. I spent ten years at IBM as a marketing professional and two years with Microsoft. Previous to joining IBM I had my first business. I knew I loved attending wonderful, exciting events related to my job (sales reward trips to great places), so I decided to become an event planner and was hired by one of the top event marketing companies Jack Morton Productions, it changed my life! I started my own event business which operated from 1990 -2006. We had great clients such as BMW, UPS, Coca-Cola and many other fortune 500 companies. I thought, ha, a job that was fun and I could make a living, what a concept! And that’s what lead me to start my second business, Pets and Peeps Personal Assistant Services. The thought of living out my dream and passion for animals, the outdoors, exercise and camaraderie with fellow animal lovers, was a no brainer.

There was another reason for starting this business. I was watching my friends and family get aged out of the corporate world and they were not quite sure what their next journey would be. These are people full of energy, compassion and have excellent skill sets that were developed in the corporate world and through life experience. They’ve raised their families and were ready to start something new…so I made them an offer. I couldn’t ask for a better group of experienced, professionals to join me on this journey. It has changed so many lives in such a positive way, not just financially, but emotionally, mentally and physically. We have created a bond that has surprised even us.  And I get to share them with you!

Our Goal

To build solid, trusting relationships with parents, families and their pets we care for while always providing a loving, secure environment where we can all grow and thrive.

Bounded And Insured

Pets and Peeps is bonded, insured, locally owned, a Vet and pet trainer referred service. We are insured and bonded by KennelPro. KennelPro is powered by Mourer-Foster, Inc. – a full-service specialty insurance services provider since 1933.

Pet Sitter Plus

Pets and Peeps proudly uses Pet Sitter Plus software.

Overnight and daycare at Pets and Peeps

Includes two guaranteed 30-minute dog walks, play, feeding, meds (if needed). Dogs are never left more than 4- 4.5 hours alone, less if the dog is crated.

In-home visits for cats

Includes kitty litter change, playtime, feeding, and meds if needed.

In-home visits for dogs

Includes potty breaks, dog walking, jogging, playtime, feeding, and meds (if needed).