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Client Resources

Here, current clients can access various resources and helpful links associated with Pets and Peeps.

Click the “Client Portal” link below to access our self-service client portal. For assistance with navigating within our portal, check out our Client Portal Guide.

*Please note that access to our client portal is limited to existing clients. If you are a new client requesting services, please contact us directly to be onboarded.

Overnight and daycare at Pets and Peeps

Includes two guaranteed 30-minute dog walks, play, feeding, meds (if needed). Dogs are never left more than 4- 4.5 hours alone, less if the dog is crated.

In-home visits for cats

Includes kitty litter change, playtime, feeding, and meds if needed.

In-home visits for dogs

Includes potty breaks, dog walking, jogging, playtime, feeding, and meds (if needed).