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Karen is awesome!  She has been taking care of my “high maintenance” little guy for the last 8 years.  Moses is a high spirited Australian Terrier who has allergies and skin issues.  Karen always goes the extra mile in her care of him.  Just last week she gave him a bath because he was itchy and I was out of town!  She sprayed his paws 3 times a day and put special supplements in his food.  I NEVER worry about him when I’m away and Karen is taking care of him.  His favorite place is “Aunt KK’s house” and he literally will beg to go there!  Moses thinks she is “the Bomb” and I do too!  Renee S.

Feebie and Cosette

I have two fluffy white Bichon Frises, Phoebe and Cosette, and they love it when Karen comes to the house to walk them. She genuinely loves animals. When I travel she takes care of my dogs so they can stay in their own environment and it is less stressful for them. This gives me great peace of mind and I enjoy my travels more. She also walks my dogs regularly and they love her for it. Paula T.

We played in the rain together!

Karen is a true animal lover. She performed all the things we hired her to do, feeding, walking, TLC etc. Our older dog is very slow and sensitive to heat and is terrified of storms, which we had when we were gone. Karen sent us pictures, constantly updating us on their care. She made special trips to make sure they were OK during the storms. Kelly H.

IMG_0450 (1)

I was so excited to find out about Karen’s business. I was planning to head out of town in a couple of weeks and hadn’t made arrangements for my dogs yet. It was awesome to have Karen at my house taking care of Vega and Reacher. It was so much more convenient than taking them to the kennel, and my four-legged friends were much happier, too. Having someone at my house was an added bonus—so much better than having the place sit empty while I was away. Karen did a great job, my dogs loved her and I’ll definitely be calling her again! Liz S.



Karen has always been there for me when I had my surgeries and needed Pumpkin taken care of. I had peace of mind knowing that Karen’s was taking care of my pup and it contributed to a successful recovery! Joanne S.

Karen is very caring, good with dog, on the day I returned Karen stopped by the house and my dog was VERY happy to see her. Excellent care dog lost 6 lbs. (needed it) from exercise, worth the cost to avoid the kennels!! Always on call!  Dr. Joe


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