Service Rates


Pets and Peeps will schedule a complimentary visit to discuss your pet and “people”needs and any special services you may require. We have found that most clients require a customized service quote based on their situation, location and number of services required.

Below are a few examples of our service offerings and pricing. Please contact us for your personalized quote at or call us at 404-316-5350.

Pet Services:

Daily/Weekly Pet Exercise/Sitting (travel is billed at .52 per mile)

Dog Walking (1 dog) minimum 30 minutes: $25.00 – -$30.00

Dogs Walking (2 dogs) minimum 30 minutes: $34.-$39.00

Drop in Visits and Feed (1 dog) minimum 30 minutes per visit: $25.00. Two dogs: $34.00

Overnight/Full time Sitting Pet Sitting in Client’s home:  $75.00 – $80.00- Travel applied if applicable. *Confirmation of pricing post complimentary visit and evaluation.

Overnight/ Full Time Sitting at Pets and Peeps Home – $75.00 -$80.00  *Confirmation of pricing post complimentary visit and evaluation.

* Visits before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm – $5.00 additional charge per visit

* Payment is due 10 days after receiving Pets and Peeps invoice

* No charge for cancellations within a 24 hour notice

* $25.00 for cancellations with less than 24 hours or less notice

* Mileage to client – calculation based on distance from Pets and Peeps, LLC. office

* Transporting pet (s) –cost to be calculated based on required time and travel distance.

* Holidays: New Year’s Eve/Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Weekend, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day @ current rate and additional $5.00 charge

Peeps Services: Pricing determined after complimentary consultation

House Sitting – includes Pets, Watering Plants, Alternating Lights and Curtains, Mail and Newspaper Retrieval

  • $25.00 Cancellation fee with less than 24 hour notice when cancelling a scheduled service