If you have not done so, Email Karen Krieger at petsandpeeps4u@gmail.com  and you will receive a welcome email to our scheduling system which is designed to provide you with a more convenient and improved customer experience.

To set up your account in the portal click on the link below and you will be asked to input your email address, (or account number sent in the email) then the tool will prompt you through the registration process:


·       After you logon you will land on the “Account Summary” page. In the upper right hand corner click on the “Services Request” button

·       Select dates from calendar, select services from drop down box, add notes if you like (great place to include departure and return dates and times) Hit submit

·       Next page is the Summary page. Review your submission. If needed you also can clear and start over.

·       You will receive an acknowledgment email with your request for services ( not yet confirmed at this time).

·       Next you will receive a thank you for your request submission,  a second email will be sent to confirm your scheduled services (pet sitter/walker will be assigned based on availability, you can also request a specific walker in the notes section).