Fun Stuff – Dog, Cat, and Pet Information

Our pets are definitely fun and interesting! Below are links to pet information that you may find helpful. Check back often as we will add more “stuff.”

Baby and Dog

Why Dogs and Cats Make Babies Healthier According to the latest research, pets may help lower his or her risk of coughs and sniffles during the first year of life.

Work Has Gone To The Dogs  From corporate campuses to the halls of Congress, an ever-growing number of establishments have adopted year-round “pets welcome” policies.

Small Kitten

Tips for new cat parents or those looking to brush up on their pet care skills. Have a new cat? Just want some general information about cats? The ASPCA has provided a wealth of  information on the care, feeding, and general welfare of cats. If you are considering adopting a cat, please visit your local shelter. Read on for useful tips for new cat parents, and for those looking to brush up on their pet care skills.

Do Dogs Help You Find Love?  There has been a lot of research into the beneficial roles dogs play in promoting an active lifestyle, improving productivity at work, and even decreasing the risks of stress, heart attacks, and strokes—but our love lives?

Dog at Table

Ridiculous Pet Products. They’re loyal, they’re kind, and they won’t tag you in random pictures on Facebook. But sometimes that love gets taken a little bit too far and veers over into the realm of a little bit crazy.

Does Pet Insurance Work? You’ve seen the ads at your vet’s office or at the pet store. But is pet insurance worth it?

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Karen Thompson grew up in a family of artists so was exposed to all types of art at an early age. After taking a few online and in person art classes, she was commissioned to do a few pieces in the last couple of years. “I love painting or sketching people and pets. I work with large or small canvases or sketching on watercolor paper. I was a picture framer while I was in design school so can frame your pieces for you also if you’d like. I can create from photos of your kids or Furkids. Give me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for 404-838-1856.”

Doggy-Door-Training-101.  Our own Karen Krieger shows us how to train a dog to come through a doggy door.